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Air passengers’ rights: other important provisions

With reference to air transportation, there are other important provisions that must be taken into account. For example, the application of the protections offered by Regulation 261/2004 in cases of overbooking, cancellation or delay of a flight, does not exclude passengers’ right to take legal action before a competent judge. Passengers are entitled to be informed in advance about the airline operating the flight in cases where it is different from the one with which they booked their flight (so-called ‘codeshare flight’).  Air passengers’

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Denied boarding (overbooking): air passengers’ rights

In the event of denied boarding (overbooking) the airline company shall first call for volunteers to surrender their reservations in exchange for benefits. If the number of volunteers is not sufficient the air carrier may then deny boarding to passengers against their will. In this last case, the air carrier shall “immediately” assist and compensate passengers (from € 250 to € 600). Denied boarding (overbooking): air passengers’ rights Regulation 261/2004, art.4, sets forth air passengers’ rights with reference to the event of

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Air transportation: latest judgments of the Court of Justice of the EU

With reference to Air Transportation, the Court of Justice of the European Union has recently established some important principles concerning, for example, the concepts of ‘arrival time’, ‘denied boarding’, ‘cancellation’, ‘extraordinary circumstances’, ‘all reasonable measures’, ‘damage’, ‘compensation’, and of ‘time-limits for bringing actions for compensation’. 1) The Court of Justice of the European Union on Air Transportation With reference to Air Transportation, the Court of Justice  has recently established the following: 2) Latest judgments on Air Transportation 1) Articles 2, 5 and

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