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    I had no idea of the PEC account system and was struggling to pay my water bills. David has made this process so simple and transparent, giving me clear instructions and guidance. I am delighted that i can now manage my own water bills using this system, it is so more secure and reliable.
    Many thanks to #David for his considerate and informed advise…and his patience.

    • David

      Hi Nick,
      Thank you for your nice comment.

      I’m happy to read that your pec address makes it easier for you to pay your bills. A pec address is very useful indeed.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.


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    As a non-resident seeking dual citizenship, I had not heard of a PEC account or why I would need one. David clearly explained the important reasons why and then set me up with a new PEC email address. The process was quick, easy, and professional. I intend to use David’s services for all things Italian as I become an Italian citizen. It is very comforting to know that I have David and his expertise to help me navigate Italian government processes and other matters of Italian citizenship with which I have no familiarity. We’ve all heard of the difficulties and delays in working with the Italian authorities, and its great to have David on my side helping me with such matters. Thanks, David!

    • David

      Dear John,
      Thank you for your very nice comment.

      It only took a few days to open your pec account.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

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    For non-resident requiring PEC email account I found David help and assistance invaluable.
    Process with David was smooth and straigthforward.
    Thank’s a lot David I can now continue with my neccessary actions where I need PEC email account.

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    Could we send to a PEC Email using any other email Provider
    abc.gmail.com to abc.pec.it -> Could we do that ?
    Also could we use a third party provider like mailchimp or mailgun to send such emails to PEC emails

    • David

      Dear Abhishek,
      In order for your message to have legal value, you will need to send a PEC message from your Italian PEC address to another Italian PEC address (Italian public administration, citizens, private companies etc.), so not from a gmail account for example.

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      i am jigar from india.
      i want to apply PEC email. can you help me.
      if you can whatsapp me on my number +91 8980947490
      thank you

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    David was extremely efficient and helpful to create the PEC account for our company in Switzerland. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Rolf Keller

    • David

      Dear Rolf,
      Thank you for your kind comment.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you (for example if you need assistance with the digital signature).


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    Hi. How many characters could a PEC address have ? We are getting ready to store the PEC address in our systems if required and want to know the max number of characters it could be . Is there a limit ?

    • David

      I am not sure I understood your question and case (number of characters? store a pec address in a system?).
      A pec address generally reflects the name of the person or of the company that “owns” it. However, if you have a technical question you should ask your provider to be sure that you get the exact answer you need.

      Thank you

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    I am Fanny from china, I contact with David last friday to decide apply a pec mail, sumbit document this monday. Today is Wednesday, i already go my pec mail, so efficient!He is always ready to help,Thanks.

    • David

      Hi Fanny,
      Thank you for your nice comment.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.


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    I need to apply a post – postdoctoral program in Italy
    i have to send my application to chimind.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it
    i can only send my application using certified email (PEC in Italy)
    I am from india.
    How can i create such account? which agent provides free or low cost of such services?
    Kindly reply me

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    I am from India, Can i oper PEC account? I am not Italian, I am nowhere connected with Italy.
    I need to send an application for my postdoctoral study.

    • David

      Dear Vijaya,
      Please confirm that you have received my emails.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

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    David was very helpful & provided step by step assistance to obtain a PEc account in a short period of time. I would highly recommend him

  11. I am wondering if I can send an e-mail from my regular gmail account to a PEC e-mail. I know it will not be equivalent to a registered letter, but is it going to be at least delivered? possibly read? Or only PEC e-mail can write to PEC e-mail? Thanks a lot.

    • David

      It depends on the recipient. It is not 100% guaranteed that the recipient will actually receive it because he/she could activate an option that prevents the system from receiving ordinary emails.


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    Posta elettronica certificata per Bulgaria.

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    Vorrei acquistare una posta PEC certificata, la mia azienda è registrata con IVA in Bulgaria, sono anche un cittadino bulgaro e non ho un indirizzo registrato in Italia. Possiedo un’azienda di trasporti che lavora principalmente con l’Italia e chiedo assistenza per l’acquisto di PEC.

    • David

      Gentile Milena,
      Le abbiamo inviato la nostra risposta questa mattina alle ore 11.20 ma il suo indirizzo email non risulta corretto. Le chiediamo cortesemente di inviarci una nuova richiesta questa volta con un indirizzo email corretto dove poterle rispondere. Le risponderemo quanto prima indicandole come può fare per aprire una casella pec a nome della sua azienda.

      Le consiglio di inviarci la richiesta velocemente.


      • Hello. I am am hare for my new account of pec.i did not now how can I creat this account can you help me I am very thankful to you.

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        Buongiorno David,

        Ho lo stesso problema di Milena:
        Vorrei acquistare una posta PEC certificata, la nostra azienda è registrata con IVA in Bulgaria, sono anche un cittadina bulgara, il proprietario e’ italiano, pero non ho indirizzo registrato in Italia

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    we´re new in Italy and so we´re getting to know the country and all the rules. Finally we´re able to receive e/mails in PEC (since we have a Partita IVa etc,.). But now we’re not able to read the attachments… we will need a download for that. That’s fine, but we don’t know wich program to download…
    Can you help us?

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    I found the information very useful and really appreciate your efforts. Besides, I am applying for a postdoc position at an Italian University and need to send the information through an Italian certified email address. However, I tried creating one such account and was unsuccessful. In this regard, kindly seek your assistance in finding an appropriate solution at the earliest.

    Best regards,

    • David

      Dear Vinay,
      Please confirm that you have received my email.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

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    Hi David,

    Very useful information here re PEC, thank you so much!
    Just subscribed to your Newsletter.
    Can you please tell me what a Codice Destinatario is please and it’s significance?


    • David

      Dear Stewart,
      From January 1, 2019, invoices will have to be issued in electronic format (e-invoices), except in certain specific cases. The “codice destinatario” or “codice univoco” is a seven-digit alphanumeric code that is needed for receiving and sending electronic invoices through the Sistema di Interscambio dell’Agenzia delle Entrate (Inland Revenue’s Interchange System). In order to obtain the codice univoco, the interested party must register with the Revenue Agency or purchase the services offered by an intermediary.


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    Hi David – thank you so much for your prompt assistance in opening a PEC email account for me as a resident of Australia. Everything went very smoothly and the account was up and running within 24 hours of providing you with all the required information. I will be in contact soon seeking your further assistance with other matters e.g. bank account. Highly recommended!



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    In order to send electronic invoices to our customers we want to check the PEC-address on beforehand.
    Is there a web service available to check the existence and validity of a PEC-address?

    Same question on the codice destinatario ?

    Kind regards,

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    Story case : I have to set-up an answer for a public tender call in Italy. The procedure required to get a PEC.it activated mail address. I struggled during 3 weeks with ARUBA.IT. I founded the VADEMECUM assistance site.
    Apply for my request and David answered me very quickly. Explain me well the procedure and cost. I paid and that’s it. Less than 24 hours I get my PEC.it mail account.

    To conclude I strongly advice to use VADEMECUM for closing PEC.it process.
    I have required also other questions and David replied me gently.
    Gret business to deal with
    Highly recommended
    Jean-Marc Bélouard
    Biodesy USA

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    David was contacted as our company needed a PEC.it e mail account to conduct business with an Italian company. We found David responsive and extremely quick. We got our account in days. We can not recommend VADEMECUM highly enough. Brilliant service

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    Hi David, I am a US citizen interested in obtaining Italian citizenship.
    Can I, as a US resident get a PEC account?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi David, I am a US citizen but have dual citizenship in Italy because both of my parents are Italian. I have two children and I completed all the paperwork and the Italian Consulate have confirmed that my children are now dual citizens as well. My wife wants to be a dual citizen as well through marriage. I have already sent in the marriage certificate so I can be recorded in my comune and the Italian Consulate has confirmed that as well. I am in the process of helping my wife complete the initial application online and it requires a PEC. I am interested in knowing the cost to obtain one and have some further questions about your fees. I would appreciate if you could contact me.


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    Dear David,

    I need urgently a pec mail, i have to send my documents to an Italian university tomorrow. Am i so late? Please inform me as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

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    Dear David,

    I am a Turkish citizen and I need urgently a pec e-mail to send my documents to the University of Turin tomorrow. I hope I am not too late to open a pec account. Can you help me to get one.

    Thank you.

    Sehnaz Sismanoglu

    • David

      I sent you an email.

      I look forward to your kind reply,

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    Thank you again for your invaluable help is securing me a unique pec.it certified email address. I had been trying for days to discover a) what one was and b) how to obtain one. Then I came across your web site and the rest was, as they say, history.

    Thank you again.

    Kind regards

    Brendan Hafferty

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    Dear David,
    I get an admission in university of spenzia Italy,after submitting my DOV (deceleration of value) the university foreign student Department send me email in which Scholar ship were announced so as i proceed through there give link there are required information for confirmation in which they want my VAT number,PEC and Fiscal Code although i know my fiscal code but what are PEC and VAT number
    i have to Submitt my document before 30th may 2019, so kindly asses my queries and help me it will be very appreciable.
    Thank you

    • David

      Dear Subaiyyal,
      VAT I imagine you are referring to the Italian “Partita IVA”, which is a fiscal code of a Company or a professional (lawyers etc.). I don’t know your case so I am not sure if you have or should have one.

      PEC is a certified email. please read the guide above. I will send you an email shortly to let you know how you can open a pec account.

      Thank you,

  27. Dear David,

    Need to participate in Italian public tender. I represent an Irish registered entity. I’m giving up registering with the providers you mention in your text as they do not seem to be equipped for English speaking registration over the web. Can you assist?

  28. Avatar

    Like many others, I am having trouble finding a PEC provider that will let someone with a non Italian mailing address and phone number sign up. I do am completing citizenship form application for my wife and need a PEC. Please advise.

  29. Avatar


    we are a company from Poland, we are not able to activate the PEC certificate, we do not have the Italian P.IVA, we can not enter the city of birth. I am asking for help when activating the certificate.

  30. Avatar

    Hello, I have to create a PEC email, but I’m not from Italy, I live in Brazil and I wanted to send an email to Italy asking for documents from my lineage, how can I get it? I am desperate and in need of help.

    • David

      I sent you an email one minute ago.

      Please confirm.

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    David has provided a very efficient service to open a PEC account and to configure it.
    I highly recommend his services.

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    Hi I live in Canada and my family members in Italy Need me to send them a pec can I do it from my regular email address

    • David

      Dear Liana,
      You need a pec address. If you send an ordinary email (gmail, yahoo etc.) to a pec address, the system may reject the email or even if it is delivered it will not have the same legal value of a pec to pec.

      Let me know if you need assistance with the opening of a pec account.

      Thank you,

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    Hello David

    Thank you very mch for the PEC explanation. I would like to open a PEC address so that I can apply for ErGO grant for my university studies. Your assistance is greatly needed. I am not an Italian citizen and I am in need of a pec address to complete my application.

    Thank you

    • David

      We have been chatting via whatsapp so I know you have your answer.

      Thank you,

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    Hi David,

    I am in the US, trying to apply for dual citizenship. I sent emails, in italian, to the Comune di Borgia and Catanzaro for my grandmother’s birth certificate. All come back undeliverable. Of course, the comuni use only pec!

    Can I set up a pec from outside of Italy, or use a third party pec, to email them? I will be traveling to Vietre sul Mare and Borgia in July, but want to have all paperwork in place, beforehand, if I can.

    Thank you!

    • David

      Please check your email.

      Thank you,

    • David

      I saw that you also sent me an email and thus I answered your request via email.


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    David was great and very fast in providing me and my husband (both nationals from different EU countries) a PEC account, since we need to send over some documents to the Italian court.
    Many Thanks David for your support!

    • David

      Thank you, Nefeli.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.


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    Excellent job. Fast, complete. What normally takes days you did it in a couple of hours.
    Thanks a lot

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    Thank you very much, David. As a non-italian EU resident I needed a pec account in order to communicate with Italian organisations and you were of excellent help and assistance. It took only a couple of hours to arrange everything and get a pec account and e-mail address.
    You work very efficient and adequate.
    Best regards,

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    I got my pec mail quickly! It works!

  39. Avatar

    Dear David,
    Thank you so much for helping me getting an Italian PEC email adress.
    It took less than one day after sending my data. Now I am able to communicate with an Italian court.
    Best regards,

  40. Avatar

    Hi David,
    I need to help to create a PEC account, since I’m a Brazilian trying to apply for dual citizenship and I have no Codice Fiscale.
    Thank you!

  41. Avatar

    I need to obtain a PEC email address, but I live the USA and the provider sites I have tried expect an Italian postal address. Can you recommend a provider for people who live in the USA but need a PEC email address? Thank you.


  42. Avatar

    David, thanks a lot for your help on setting up my PEC account. You were a great help and I couldn’t believe I got it within a couple of days! Thanks, H

  43. Avatar

    Mr. David,
    I am an Indonesian and now staying in Thailand for study. I need to send an application for a Post-Doc position in Italy and they asked me to send the application by using a PEC account soon.
    Could you please create a PEC account for me? Is it free?

    • David

      I sent you an email.

      If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder as sometimes it ends up there.


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    Hello David, I would like to contact you on how you can help me make my PEC account.

  45. Avatar

    I 150% recommend David’s services, he is so helpful.
    I got my PEC acc within the same day of requesting it. He answered all the questions I asked within minutes and made the process seem so simple. He is very professional and went as far as making sure my account is in English without me requesting it because I am foreign which I appreciated very much.

    Thank you so much David for creating this platform for us to know about how you can help us.

  46. Avatar

    I am from overseas (not in Italy) and I need to open a PEC email address for communication with Italian Administration. Can you please assist?

  47. Avatar

    I like Pec account please help me or now Pec account information Thanksgiving Mubarak

  48. Avatar

    Hello David
    i need your assistance in opening a PEC account. i have been trying to do it on my own and i having series of unconclusion. please i need you to put me through.

  49. Hi David hope all is well I am from Pakistan Sialkot..
    I need POSTA ELECTRONICA CERTIFICATA please therefore need your help in it please thanks!
    Remain Jesus!

  50. Avatar

    hi sir,
    how can I create or purchase a PEC account.Kindly suggest.

  51. Avatar

    Are there any free PEC accounts to use? Living in South Africa trying to apply for residence in italy.

  52. Avatar

    My name is M shoaib Khan and i am a Pakistani Citizen and i want to register an account with PEC TO Send e-mails to university so please help me how to create an account step by step with using Aruba.it link.


  53. Avatar

    Hi David,
    A very good afternoon to you, trust you are doing well, i need to open up my PEC mailbox, can you please help me with the process.

    Kind Regards,

  54. Avatar

    Hi David,

    I require your assistance in setting up a PEC account. I reside in Ireland and was trying to create one on my own, but it requires an Italian address and other Italian specific details. Please advise.


  55. Avatar

    I was in need of a PEC email account, and Vademecumitalia helped me to get one within a couple of days. Communication with my contact David was good and clear. Thanks for your help!

  56. Avatar

    Without a single doubt David is a gem; easy to work with, prompt, ultra- fluent in English and explains what needs to be explained and understood. He’s reasonably priced and a pleasure to work with. I’ll be using him in the near and distant future for my needs without hesitation!

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    Dear Mr David,

    I am from India. I am from India and I need a PEC account and I also want to register for Active Income Scheme, Molise.

    Can you please guide me with the same

  58. Avatar

    I want to make a PEC email adress

  59. Avatar

    David, I am an American citizen seeking dual Italian dual citizenship. My previous emails to the Consulate in Philadelphia concerning my recognition process have gone unanswered. Would a pec email account help?

    • David

      Dear Robert,
      Please send me an email (assistance@vademecumitalia.com)

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

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    HI David, I am living in the USA, but I need a PEC. However, I don’t have Codice Fiscale. Can you help me?

  61. Avatar

    I am from Nepal.i have send my regular email all documents but didn’t send .how to create pec account.how I can send documents.i have more time send ..but didn’t send.

  62. Avatar

    I am so happy that I have contacted David for opening an PEC account for me. He has been extremely professional and efficient. The account was opened for me within one day! I am keeping him in my contact list and WhatsApp list, in case I need his help when I get to Italy. 🙂

  63. Avatar

    Thanks David for your help with opening a pec account for me. You made the whole process easy for me and I would highly recommend you to anybody needing assistance, thanks again. Peter

  64. Avatar

    David was so helpful in creating a pec email for me. I got immediate replies from him with all the information and in under 24 hours he had a pec email up and running for me. Very efficient and helpful. I highly recommend.

  65. Avatar

    Hi, I need a PEC email but I am not living in Italy, can you help me? thank you!!

  66. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I don’t have an Italian phone number yet. What are the options to register a PEC without one? Can you help? Thank you!

  67. I contacted David for assistance with setting up a PEC email address. I am based in the UK. David is very prompt to reply and his messages are very clear. David set up a PEC email for me and made the process stress free. Less than 24hrs later I am using my PEC email which is a fundamental requirement for my work. Thank you David and Vademecumitalia for the superb service.

  68. Avatar

    I need a certifed email PEC . I am Non Italian. Kindly list the providers which provide services to non-Italian members.

  69. Avatar

    Hy. Please tell me how i can create this pec mail. Still I am trying.

  70. Avatar


    Please I am writing for someone who is in need of a PEC email address but the person lives outside italy and is also not an italian. Please can you help? Its urgent.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thank you.

  71. Avatar

    All I can say is David is a reliable bet, if you are seeking to have a PEC account, not only very reliable but his candid and clear guide is what makes him incredible. I highly recommend him if you are seeking to have a PEC account services.

  72. Avatar

    As an American, I needed a PEC to correspond with a local Italian government regarding possible future business operations. David was extremely professional in the assistance he provided. There were some technical problems with my bank here in the US and David was cooperative and patient as these issues were resolved. He responded promptly and the PEC was set up within 24 hours of when things were resolved on my end.

  73. Avatar

    In anticipation of relocating to Italy, I needed a PEC to correspond with the Italian government. David was very reliable, patient, and professional in his correspondence and assistance in this matter. Once everything was submitted, my PEC was set up within 24 hours of when things were resolved on my end. I highly recommend his services!

  74. Avatar

    David has been extremely helpful in organising a PEC email address for me. He explained it all to me very clearly and provided an extremely efficient and fast service. I had no idea how to organise this for myself and so his help has been invaluable. Thank you David.

  75. Avatar

    Hi David. I need to send an email from a PEC account, tomorrow. It is too late?

  76. Avatar

    I need to send an application to an Italian government recipient which only accepts PEC. I am Canadian, and currently in Canada. Is there anyway to obtain a PEC as a foreigner?

  77. David is a reliable, responsible and patient person. I recommend it, he helped me a lot.

  78. Avatar

    David’s assistance in setting up a PEC account has been truly priceless. I especially appreciated his clear communication and great efficiency throughout the process, and would highly recommend his services.
    Thanks a million, David!

  79. Avatar

    We highly recommend David. We could not have gotten our PEC without him. He was communicative, efficient and extremely helpful. The process of getting a PEC through David was painless. He even met our very tight deadline despite issues on our end. Thanks so much David!

  80. Avatar

    I highly recommend David’s service. Within 24 hours of making contact, he was able to set up our PEC account. Prompt, friendly and exceptionally efficient. Outstanding.

  81. Avatar

    Hi David,
    My Name is Paulo Farnezi and I’m writing from São paulo, Brazil. I need to open a PEC mail account, I tried to follow some weblinks in Italian but I can´t understand the language. Can you please help me with PEC?

    Paulo farnezi

  82. Avatar

    Hello, I am in need of a pec email address.. I am German/American and live in Romania. Isabel been trying for hours to create a email to contact the mayors office of a town in Italy. I even spent 15$ which I believe was wasted.

    • David

      I am sending you an email now.

      If you don’t see it, please check your spam.


      • Avatar

        I have not received any emails yet. Nothing in the spam either. I submitted this comment with a different email, hopefully this one will work.
        Thank you.

        • David

          I sent you an email at 7.16 am.
          I will forward it to the new email address you provided.

  83. Avatar

    I needed a PEC account ASAP. I contacted David and he kindly sent me all the information I needed to understand how the PEC account works.

    I sent the information he needed to open my account and after only 7 hours the account was active and ready to use.

    I highly recommend David and his company.

    Thanks David for everything, keep the good work.


    Miguel Valecillos

  84. Avatar

    Hello Dear, 
    I am Aziz from Morocco, Please can you help me.  I need to open a PEC account, I am not Italian. In this regard, kindly seek your assistance in finding an appropriate solution at the earliest.
    I look forward to reading your answer. Please accept, my respectful greetings. 

    Best regards.
    Aziz BENTIS

  85. Avatar

    David is awesome and professional in what he does.That kind is pretty hard to find nowadays must especially on the internet.

    My Pec account was ready, a few hours after i contacted him.

    Really grateful and will always come back should i need any of his professional assistance.

  86. Avatar

    Hello, it is possible to obtain a PEC adress for an EU citizen not living in Italy, without CF, online from abroad?

  87. Avatar

    I am a Kazakh citizen and I need urgently a pec e-mail to send my documents to the University of Pisa. Can you help me to get one?

  88. Avatar

    Dear David

    I was struggling to have a registration with ALBO and thanks to your help in creating the PEC account I was finally able to have it.

    Many thanks for your clear explanations.


  89. Avatar

    We regularly need to correspondence with local towns and governments throughout Italy and have been seeking a way to open a PEC account for a long time. We found this page and contacted David and he was able to get us set up very quickly. We are very excited and grateful for his assistance. I encourage anyone interested in opening an account to use this service.

  90. Avatar

    Hello David,

    I am an EU-citizen and I need a PEC email address.
    I already have a codice fiscale, and the only thing that’s missing is a telephone number.

    I was wondering if there is any way I can get a PEC without an Italian telephone number please?

    Thank you very much!

  91. I’m so grateful for David’s attentive and quick advice and service regarding setting up my pec account, including his very detail instructions how to use it, so I can attempt to manage utility invoices from overseas. I’ve been overwhelmed with a recent property purchase during covid, and I’m reassured with David’s support. Thank you!

  92. Hallo David,we are company from Nederland and need Italian PEC number,how to get it can you help us ?
    Thank you

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