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As explained in the guideHow foreigners can open and close a bank account in Italy”, in order to close the bank account the customer must send a registered letter (raccomandata a/r or equivalent, or PEC) to the branch of the bank where he/she has his/her bank account.

Therefore, if you want to (personally, and quickly) send a (professional) registered letter to your bank requesting the closure of your bank account, you just have to download and fill in the form below!

As you will read in the “instruction file”, you will only have to complete the letter by inserting your personal information. YOUR LETTER (IN ITALIAN) WILL THEN BE READY TO BE PRINTED OUT, SIGNED, AND SENT!! IT IS VERY EASY AND WILL TAKE YOU NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES!! 


In order to let you better understand the meaning of the letter you will be sending (in Italian), you will also find an English version of the same letter.

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